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    Penis Kooi

    Artikelcode: XZC013
    Prijs: EUR 35.00
    Verzendkosten: EUR 0.00
    Voorraad: in voorraad


     Penis Kooi..........


    (1) Lock that cock up! The entire cock and balls fit thru the 2" stainless steel cock rings at the base and the cock shaft slides into the spiral set of rings. The balls are divided to each side and can protrude out the sides... depending how much skin you have or how low your balls hang will decided how much you are able to split the balls thru the side ring openings. This new Spiral Tusk is handsome, simple, comfortable and very effective, in preventing you or your boy from getting hard or being able to satisfy himself. Easy to piss while wearing this.




    Verzendkosten: binnenland: EUR 6.95
    buitenland: EUR 13.00
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