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    Elipse Handboeien -L

    Artikelcode: XZEL002
    Prijs: EUR 130.00
    Verzendkosten: EUR 0.00
    Voorraad: in voorraad


    (1) Ellipse shape (ovoid olivary oval shaped), more comfortable. Each slave needs to have their own custom made set of ankle shackles. These irons will put them in their place. Made from strong, cold, heavy steel allowing long use and wear. Our blacksmith custom makes this item by hand. Locks with a stainless steel allen screw, opens with allen key (supplied).


    The maximal inside diameter is 9.0 cm, the width is 4.0 cm. The heavy stainless steel chain measures 38.5 cm long. The chain was made with 9 pieces thick rings, which diameter is 0.8 cm.



    (2) The weight of this item is approximately 1355g.



    Verzendkosten: binnenland: EUR 6.95
    buitenland: EUR 13.00
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